The History of Greenhaw Baptist Church


The History of Greenhaw Baptist Church

Greenhaw Baptist Church, located about 3 miles north of Cowan, was organized in February 1938 with historical roots that reach into the mid-19th Century.

The Mt. Zion Baptist Association of Baptists commissioned the formation of a Baptist congregation in Mt. Pisgah, about 4 miles northwest of Greenhaw, on September 13, 1850.  Some years later, the church was renamed Penile Hill Baptist Church of Christ and the surrounding area has since been referred to as Penile Hill.

Ledgers show that the Mt. Pisgah/Penile Hill Church maintained a steady membership through the end of the 19th-Century, but then fluctuated into the early 20th-Century.  A powerful revival conducted by Bro. J.T. Casey and Bro. J.K.P. Whitlock brought in several new members, mostly young people, who were living in the Greenhaw area.

A Primitive Baptist Church already existed in Greenhaw, having been established in 1866.  The congregation relocated to a newer building in Decherd sometime in the 1920's, which left the Greenhaw building vacant.  A group of members at Mt. Pisgah acquired the former Primitive Baptist Church in Greenhaw and organized a new congregation, Greenhaw Baptist Church, in February 1938.

A few years after Greenhaw Baptist Church was organized, the remaining membership at Penile Hill transferred and Greenhaw became, in essence, a consolidated congregation.  The property at Penile Hill was subsequently sold and the proceeds set aside to build a new and expanded Greenhaw Baptist Church across the road from the former Primitive Baptist building.  The new church was dedicated in September, 1959.

Today, Greenhaw Baptist Church continues to serve a leading role in the historic Mt. Zion Association of Baptists.  The congregation at Greenhaw is small by most standards, but is nevertheless very active with Sunday school and children's programs, a well-maintained property, and a visible presence in the surrounding community.

Greenhaw Baptist Church building constructed 1959.

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